One of the best weekends of 2017

Friday afternoon: my office and little mini Zhang intruders! Bribed them with weather originals sweets and the small one didn’t know that he couldn’t bite it- but still bit it anyway.

Friday evening: Coldplay’s concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verdict: Amazing. Need I say more?

Teared up when oldies like the scientist, fix you, yellow and paradise came on. Though we only managed to get the cheapest seats ($78+4 Booking fee) it was well worth the view. Leon brought Binoculars so we could see Chris Martin up close. The whole concert was like a dream. After the concert, we ended up at brotzeit with beer and wedges- the perfect post concert combination ever.

Saturday morning/afternoon- slept, slept and slept

Woke up in the evening for a massage session with Auntie Helena and Leon, who then brought us out for dinner at Uncle Leong’s @ Punggol for crab bee hoon. BEST BEE HOON EVER. Made a joke of Leon @ Leongs. It’s been a long standing joke at work from my colleagues that Leon is the owner at Leongs because of the similarity of his name. Lol lame, I know. But still made him pose behind the signboard anyway.

Sunday morning: Day didn’t start out as planned. Leon got a ticket parking. We drove to balestier only to realize we forgot our bibs- and ended up driving back to the east to get them. Arrived at the starting point >35 minutes into the race but long story cut short- we did it!!!!!!!!

Yay to 10K at #2xucompressionrun2017 *pops confetti*

This was by far the best week of 2017.

I couldn’t be more thankful and blessed with the care, concern and love from the people around me. This was a reminder for me to be grateful in times of doubt and adversity, and also to always, always- choose happiness.



the other side

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This week had me in shambles. But hey, what matters is how you pick yourself up from here right? Dust the rubble. And here we go again.This week…..was my self declared unluckiest week of January 2015! I have no clue where to start, except to say that I was probably living out a self fulfilling prophecy that I was going to screw up….hence, screwing up over and over again.

The worst incident of the week had to come from my jeggings tearing halfway through the morning at work (!!!!!). My supervisor was the one who pointed it out (She’s female thank god!) (!!!!!) because i didn’t realize it (!!!!) and I had to borrow tights from my collegaue and quietly sit in my cubicle and sew my pants back together (Inserts crying/embarrassed face here). I swear my mood died out from there. After that, the week went downhill. Including wearing a dress that shrank to work without realizing it was almost half my high at the front and it’s normal length at the back. (It’s from F21, so I’m actually depressed that such a brand shrank less than three times of washing it) but the week was so bad, i wanted to dig a hole in the ground and stick my head in it for awhile. Just so I didn’t have to interact with other people.

But thankfully, just thankfully. My colleagues and friends didn’t care of what a klutz I was, we laughed through the wardrobe malfunction this week.

My colleagues have been kickstarting this workplace iniciative to work out, because we’ve been getting tighter around the belt. If you know what I mean. So three times a week during lunch, we do the biggest loser cardio max’s workout, a run at the tracks, and light zumba. It’s been about two weeks now but it’s extremely exhausting! Been really tired physically but I guess the end goal is to keep fit.

Funnily enough, we don’t have shower facilities at our workplace yet. So we have been using ICE cold water to shower through the usual tap after our workouts. Brrrrr. But strangely refreshing.

A picture of the tracks while I lazed because it was so hot to run, I gave up after a very short distance because my head felt like it was on fire.

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Finally had the time to meet Saul & Em for dinner on Thursday night after work. Saul bought us to this ramen place at CIty hall and we had gyoza to with ramen. They also had some free flow of beansprouts which I attempted eating but failed miserably. After dinner, I decided to invest in a new pair of jeans from GAP! It was my first time buying from GAP so I was a little blur but I really loved the color of my jeans. Because of my purchase, it made more sense to get the membership which actually saved me money! Can’t wait till my birthday month to go and buy all their hoodies etc. It’s too comfy!

Finally a picture of the three of us together!(Tired after work/camp)


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Friday night was my first living sociology class with the #unisimbswk peeps. A day before lessons started, I found out something….. WE WERE NOT IN THE SAME CLASS TOGETHER *dum dum dum* *Dramatic music plays*. It’s ok if we were singularly in different classes but sadly this time……. I was in a different class from the three of them *Cries*

Usually, when this happens…….. I’m pretty dramatic about the whole situation because I’m not one to be extroverted and find new friends. Considering that class is so late and everyone is so tired from work, I don’t think I had the mood either. So I dreaded class and dragged myself to class all by my lonely self…… I don’t know how to explain how daunting it is to walk into a classroom and not know A SINGLE person. And the strangest thing happened.

I met a girl a year younger than me, who was taking a degree in psychology and she and I were extremely similar! The teacher asked us to share to the person beside us a weird fact and I went…… “I hate vegetables. I haven’t eaten them since…unless I really have to” and she went “OH MY GOD ME TOO!” #girls #girlslanguage.

Not only did that perk up my friday night, but my teacher was extremely informative. I was actually feeling pretty dull about the whole friday night and I kind of judged her before she started the class because she looks really REALLY young (in her late 20’s) but as soon as she started the class, SHE WAS AMAZING. she used such good real life examples, recent resources and up to date information and news about soci that even I was blown away and listening intently! Such a good and nice change from all the dull professors. And best still, she finished all the content by 9.20 (40 minutes earlier) so we saved a lot of time! Was extremely refreshed after class and waited instead for my #unisimbswk friends’ class to end before..

we went for supper! The usual jokes and laughs at Tender Fresh before we caught a cab home after midnight. I’ve been using UBER lately and it’s been pretty effective.

Where did the weekend go?

too soon…………always too soon…………………

I love my job but sometimes I wish I could have just another day to have on my own.  To sit back, not talk to anyone, catch up on a book, sit in the sun and close my eyes. It feels as if my body and mind have not rested by rotting enough.

A little anxious for my back check up/scan tomorrow. Please keep me in your prayers/thoughts in mind.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of 1.5/5 of my loved ones. As you can tell, I come from a big, big family.

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stay tuned.