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Imposed expectations

One of life’s biggest curveball of a lesson: In order to break out of society’s “norm”, there needs to be a certain level of courage to step out and make that choice to go against the current.

Are we really living up to our own expectations of ourselves? Or of the expectations of the ones we love that they have imposed on us?

MBTI Personality test

After taking the Myers-Briggs Type indicatior (MBTI) last year in july, I was presented with a shocking: INFJ-J which creeped me out as to how crazily understood I was in their explanations of this character I never had words to describe to.

Shockingly, we only make 1% of of this world’s population. And we are well known for being over thinkers, planners and attempting to carry too much of the world on our shoulders- or at least more than we can take. Unlike the DISC profiling that I took sometime back in secondary school, this seems like a more up to date personality test to try.

Of course, then again- we should wonder .. are we really who we are because we are who we are, or are we who we are because of what other people tell us we are?

If you’ve been curious, go check it out! I got mine for free here (Click here!)