My Godma never fails to amaze me

I hope I never stop chasing everything I have hoped and envisioned myself to be as a person. It is easier said than done to always want to be the better person in times of anger, distrust and sadness. Some people achieve great things, they get a great career, but what is the point of achieving all of this when you disregard relationships at such a cost?

My Godma told me today, “Some people are afraid to leave a relationship, because they are afraid of starting over again. It’s too tiring, to start from scratch.

“I hope you don’t think I’m that sort of person.” I said.

I know, you aren’t that kind of person.” She replied, leaving me smiling from ear to ear. “Headstrong”.

Priorities may change along the way but I hope I never lose sight of what is really important. May I never cease putting my relationships to the people I love above my success in a career.

Thank you for your never ending words of wisdom.

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Of birthdays and turning 24

Hi internet friends!

There was a time where I didn’t enjoy birthdays too much. Mainly because of the constant disappointments in life. Since then, I’ve adopted an approach of little expectation, little disappointment. It was hard to understand why I felt that way though, I never understood why till I grew older. It was difficult to admit that my birthday meant a lot to me.

However, as life left me completely dumbfounded, I began to grow into my shoes as a young adult. Aduting was something completely new to me, as I struggled to understand insurance, bills, taxes, giving back to your parents, social obligations and so on and so forth. Being open was something I learnt to deal with as time went by. Last week,  I turned 24 on the 24th.

This year, I realized how I have been molded in so many ways through the friendships and people I have met over the last few years. I was extremely blessed and showered with so much love leading up to it that even I lost track of time.

Growing old is always a blessing and a privilege that not everyone gets to enjoy. Thank you Jesus for the wonderful 365 days of being 23, and for the selfless people in my life.

Lunch at Barossa, Holland Village with Auntie Pat & Jean
The White Rabbit



24th Birthday Celebration Dinner with KL & Caroline at The White Rabbit


Kuan Lin (L) and Caroline (R)



Was watching the television and heard “Haaaaapppppyyyy Birrrthdayyy to youuuu~~” and looked up to see this: Surprise Birthday Celebration @ Aunty Pat’s House with Uncle Bob, Brian, Carol, Ethan & Nathan
“Keep Monday Free. Senior Team Meeting.” She said. Dinner with Uncle Siong Chu & Betty @ Prego Fairmont Hotel, City Hall
Bruchetta, Prego Fairmont Hotel @ City Hall
Lunch after Programme @ A1 BKT with Auntie Socks, Auntie Pat & Sandra



Egg tarts bought and carried to office by one of my senior beneficiary for my birthday 🙂
Dinner @ Angelinas at Capitol, City Hall
Dual Birthday Celebration with Whitley, the other June baby (welcome back from Maldives! )
Whitley’s birthday present to me: Marc by Marc Jacobs Tablet casing!
With the bestie, my dear Onion, twin ❤
Twin remembered how much I love receiving cards and wrote me one which made me all fuzzy inside. 10 years of friendship!
Dinner at Wild Honey, Mandarin Gallery
After a long day at work: online food delivery because I had to work that very Saturday morning, it made no sense to go out so we stayed in, had pizza and watched friends. I literally had my 3 favorite things in the world by my side that night 🙂
Pizza Hut’s Big Box!!!!!!!
Dinner with the fambam @ Sze Chuan Dou Hua at Park Royal
Declan wasn’t looking. What a wasted shot!


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♥ ❤ ❥ ♥ ❤ ❥Thank you everyone who made this day amazing. I love you all ♥ ❤ ❥ ♥ ❤ ❥ ♥ ❤