My Godma never fails to amaze me

I hope I never stop chasing everything I have hoped and envisioned myself to be as a person. It is easier said than done to always want to be the better person in times of anger, distrust and sadness. Some people achieve great things, they get a great career, but what is the point of achieving all of this when you disregard relationships at such a cost?

My Godma told me today, “Some people are afraid to leave a relationship, because they are afraid of starting over again. It’s too tiring, to start from scratch.

“I hope you don’t think I’m that sort of person.” I said.

I know, you aren’t that kind of person.” She replied, leaving me smiling from ear to ear. “Headstrong”.

Priorities may change along the way but I hope I never lose sight of what is really important. May I never cease putting my relationships to the people I love above my success in a career.

Thank you for your never ending words of wisdom.

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Be brave to say goodbye

Planning my short escape. Half regretting the fact that I will only have myself to rely on for three weeks, but half excited that I’m going to drown in the cultures and meet the strangers who have yet to be friends.

In the meantime, I am drowning with work and school and my absurd attempt at getting a decent level of sociability in life, and doing more adult things like buying insurance, paying bills and making standing instructions to save on my bank accounts. Can you believe I’m only learning about this at 23? I wish we had a class on healthy financial management growing up. It would have helped so much now. Instead of learning how to find x half the time (and failing) and how to sew hand towels.

A friend of mine told me this beauty today, “We men don’t like girls who talk too much. We like the idea of a dumb and blonde woman. Not a thinker, definitely. Not too deep.” What does that make us think? Are we accustomed to such comments? I don’t know yet. I really don’t.

Don’t hate the players,” they say. “Hate the game.”

Only winners get to reconstruct history.