Bye 2018, hello 2019!

2018 was the year I left my comfort zone behind.

I will try to remember it was a choice I made because I wanted it to be a period of growth as an individual.

Though ironically, the past year has made me more cynical, skeptical and blunt, it has allowed me to make more meaningful friendships and remind me that change is only inevitable.

I have also realized that there’s a lot that I want to do with my Gerontology education. But quite frankly, I have no idea where to start. Maybe this will be a year of brooding before actually making a decision! ☺️

2019 will be awesome because:

1) Sarah is pregnant, I am going to be an aunt again! (stay tuned for June!)

2) I am done with formal education for now. So goodbye lack of sleep, goodbye essays and readings and hello netflix. In the meantime, I’m just going to focus on reading a few books that I’ve bought over the years but never touched because sleep>books.

3) My brother gave me a user space in his netflix. So free f.r.i.e.n.d.s!! And I’ve been pretty hooked on black mirror. Wow.

4) A new Wok Hey! has opened near my home. I love wok hey! and the fact that i now, do not need to travel all the way to Hougang to get my fix.

5) I can’t wait for a new year to travel. I don’t know where I’m going yet but i guess that will be something worth anticipating!

Alright back to black mirror. May 2019 be great for all of you! xx 💋

That’s not really my style

I met someone recently who was very competitive about shining. I didn’t blame him at all, he had already adapted to the culture, and was very well molded by it.

I didn’t say much, till one day when I was then told out of good intentions that I too, could shine. But I couldn’t shine as bright as him.

I did not know how to react to such a statement.

I couldn’t give you the exact words that I said that day. I know it was said from the heart of people that cared about me. I definitely wasn’t trying to compete with him.

Heck, I felt that if I did outshine him one day,  it wasn’t because I was shining on purpose to outshine him, but that I was being myself.

I have my own style, and I don’t need his validation. So please stop throwing your insecurities at me.

Start being real with others.

Maybe one day, you’d just realize you’re competing with yourself instead of everyone else.

The older I get the more I realize

My mother, despite her flaws as with every other human being like me- gave up almost everything to raise her family in the best way possible.

I came home late last night and I was exhausted physically and emotionally from the week I had. Instead, I saw her sitting on the floor washing my laundry by hand. It’s a rare sight to see because we usually use the washing machine and most of the time (now that we’re older) we do the laundry on our own.

“You’re back so late?” She asked.

Instead of usually getting annoyed, I turned to her and noticed she had been coughing. Despite me telling her I’d wash the clothes tomorrow, she stayed up and washed them on her own because, well, stubbornness runs in the family.

Needless to say, I found my clothes ironed and hung outside my door this morning on the hangers, and I was floored.

Being a mother must have been a tough job. And sometimes, we tend to take things for granted especially when we are used to our own habits and lifestyle.

I can only say that sometimes when I think about it, I realize how much she must have given up for this household, and that I am blessed to have a mother like her.

The more busy we get, the more we forget how much they have done for us.

Thanks Mummy for everything :’)


Graduate lo #2018

Blessed beyond words for the never ending blessings of family and loved ones. I couldn’t have done any of it without them.

Two weeks into attaining my masters, I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what qualifications you have. It could get you to the door, but to open the door…. it’s competence that gets you through it, not the paper.

Gotta say it again, may we continue to be the change we want to see in the world.

May we be leaders who advocate for social work, for the people without a voice and people who need a voice.

May we be social workers who seek to enable clients to overcome adversity, to empower them to make informed decisions and take charge of where they want to be. To always remember to never do things for them in the interest of KPIs, structural faults and statistics.

May we remember that we don’t need awards to validate our profession and career goals. But by being real enough, you will change lives through your passion and strength.

May we be the friends that are dependable to share cases on and provide an objective assessment and opinion without compromise on rising the ladder to be a friend’s boss.

May we be the coworkers turned friends that meet for lunch or dinner even after one has left an organization. Because that’s what friendship is in social work, no one really gets left behind or forgotten. An individual’s work can always be replaced by a new staff, but the way that one makes another feel would not be forgotten.

May we remember that change is often shown by examples.

May we strive to be that example.

My role model in social work used to tell me to find something I was passionate about.

She then said to me to always remember, “once a social worker, always a social worker.”

Graduate lo 🎉✨