Be real with me


Don’t fall short of yourself

The last 2 months have been really interesting, got myself a new job at a new place where the people are kind and friendly and most importantly, warm.

Can’t wait till August, because I would be over with formal institutionalized learning, and I get to go on a amazing grad trip in my favorite way: backpacking!!!





I think I’ll truly never get the hang of adulthood. The term “adulting” has so many phases that it sometimes feels like you’re in limbo between being a teen and having much more definite responsibilities.

Writing used to be therapeutic and fun growing up. But now, having this space makes the content make me much more vulnerable in the working world. This is one of the reasons why I don’t write as much as I’d like to anymore. Perhaps one day I’ll be writing about things that matter to me on a blog without a name.

Note to self: don’t lose yourself in the midst of the chaos.

Bye 2017, Hello 2018! But where exactly do I begin?

Goodbye 2017, hello 2018! It’s been forever since I actually had time to sit down and write a proper post. I have to say, 2017 was a fruitful year for me. The people around me have been nothing short of supportive and loving of my dream which I am extremely thankful for. Leon turned to me the other day and said, “Ya… have a blog which you don’t write in anymore……..” which really prompted me to sit down and start writing while I still had some time!

The new year somehow always calls for some form of review. In a sense that we’d like to remember how we were like at a certain point of time in our lives. After all, we humans are resistant to change, but unwittingly we succumb to it because when something new becomes a habit- it somehow loses its novelty and little by little… it becomes you.

Personally, work and day to day lives aside- I felt this year was trying. I was faced consistently with worries and concerns about the future. People who did not know me did not understand my actions towards certain situations and it was hard to manage my expectations around them. To be honest, It was crushing to be in such a situation- but the greatest takeaway of it all was the most cliche yet. That is,

  1. No one can make you do anything you do not want to do.
  2. Do good by you no matter what the circumstances are, even though certain ‘right’ decisions can be the most difficult and excruciating ones. The only consolation you will get will probably be better sleep at night.
  3. You can’t get everyone to like you. There will always be people who will have a reason to dislike you. Just be yourself. The rest who mind don’t actually matter.


Some snippets of the last few bits of 2017:

ARISE Symposium 2017

On 10th November 2017, ARISE Symposium consisted of keynote speakers whom shared research and ageing studies conducted to improve ageing and well being. We  had Mr Armin Amin who graced the event, and a small segment for our scholarship presentation from Ngee Ann Kongsi who presented to us the Ngee Ann Kongsi Post Graduate scholarship.

The interview was not an easy one but it did challenge me to explain and decipher to what extent eldercare was necessary in Singapore.  Thank you Ngee Ann Kongsi for contributing to the eldercare sector in Singapore! For those who would like to find our more about their scholarships, you may do by clicking here.

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Guangzhou, China (17-23 December 2017)

Me and Leon took a trip to Guangzhou in december during the short christmas break that I had from school. It was also to celebrate Leon’s birthday on the 21st. On a scoot sale, we managed to get our flights at barely $260 per person, which was very worth it during the holiday season. China wasn’t my first choice destination but strangely it was the birthday boy’s. The weather was great and ranged from 8-16 degrees. To be honest during the first few days I thought I was going to freeze to death (because I am weak, lol) but eventually we got the hang of it!

Suprisingly, Guangzhou had much more to offer than I expected. We literally ate our way through this country. Street food, Hong Kong food, XLBs, you name it…..we had it. Did i mention we ate Hai Di Lao THREE times while we were there?! It’s almost half price than the Hai Di Lao’s in Singapore, and you get to clock your membership points! Wow! Only thing that I didn’t like about china was the crowded trains with no personal space and the local toilets………… I still like clean toilets!

On Leon’s birthday we went to Chimelong park. For those of you who like roller coasters, this is the place for you. Its about 50+ sgd per person (you can buy the tickets off klook) and its really empty on weekdays so you hardly need to queue. The rides are mostly coasters than experiential rides than in USS Singapore but it was worth going once!

We also went to Bai Yun Mountains and a few other touristy spots. We got lost more than once because China blocks google maps and we had to use Bai Du maps. We also followed some online article from smart local that made us even more lost because their addresses and nearest train stations were wrong. China really brushed up our mandarin!

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Christmas 2017

Christmas really felt like Christmas this year. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but Christmas is still my most favorite time of the year 🙂

Spent my eve at Leon’s side and attending midnight mass with his family at their church and then supper at Serangoon Gardens and having a huge milo tower at 3am. Woke up the next morning to open up my present from Leon which was the fitbit blaze that I’ve been eyeing for a few months (awwwww because we agreed on no presents this year!) Christmas day was spent at my sister’s place over christmas lunch where we let the little kiddos open up presents! It was really cute to watch them open up the gifts excitedly!

It was also held at my 3rd sister’s place because she was due anytime with her 3rd kid…which none of us knew the gender of because they wanted it to be a suprise for themselves (they too, didn’t know the gender!)

Christmas time is always family time 🙂

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3rd Jan 2018

Last but not least….. my great start to the new year was welcoming our new addition to the Ng family. My sister had to induce labor because her baby had overstayed her 9 months and we finally knew the gender!!!

Meet baby Gillian Leow, my youngest niece yet! She was really alert for a new born of only 4 hours when I visited her in the hospital after work but awwww!

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2018 is looking pretty good so far. Lets see what’s in store for us this year 🙂

#BSWK Social Work, Graduate Lo (Ng,2017)


Official graduated with a degree in Social Work last month. The journey has been long, arduous but at the end of the day, it was a journey that I needed to take.

The world has always been a place where I’ve wished to change, which is why I started wanting to pursue social work in the first place. I think i realized that when I was a month shy of my 21st birthday. I remember people I loved then around me telling me that it was a job that did not pay the bills, others encouraged me to try something else first and then come back to the social work sector later in life.

I was lucky though, unlike some of my peers, I had already figured out what to do in life. Or at least had a glimmer of what I knew I wanted to do.

Fast forward, I’m 25 and a social worker.

I do not claim to do this on my own. I did not have the strength to overcome part time studies and full time work, but I did because of the one big father I have above. And with that, I thank God for every opportunity he gave me along the way. Along with the big family I had for the last almost 4 years at FaithActs who never stop to cheer me on and feed me at work whenever I’m tired. They have shown me such love that I am ever grateful for.
faithacts family.jpg

Aside from that: I have my regrets which I take with me. The biggest bit would be that my dad did not get to see me graduate. But I’m sure he got a glimpse of his youngest daughter shooting a dirty look at the man who pronounced my name as “Cor lee Chan tell le” as I went on stage.

Fast forward, I’m 25. I’m happy with my life and the way it has turned out. I am blessed with God’s grace, nothing more. My heart is full.

May we continue to be the change we wish to see in the world.


“Don’t stop chasing your dreams”  has been something I’ve heard most of the time while growing up

yesterday I realized no one ever said to me,

“Don’t stop chasing one another”

in our relationships with our family, friends or loved ones

this is probably why everyone became so individualistic, so jaded and possibly so taken for granted for all the time

when will we ever start learning how to be there for one another and live in the moment?

There’s no point treasuring a memory because when the moment’s gone, its gone for good


Happiness is a two way street

I had a interview the other day to which a complete stranger said to me this:

“There’s no other way of putting this nicely. But what’s with you and getting things done quickly?”

I wasn’t offended by him, at all. It just came across as a surprise that someone could click so quickly on my habits upon our first meeting. It gave me many things to think about, but I guess the closest thing I came up to was that I am a planner by nature. I plan my schedules, plan my assignments, plan my travels step by step.

Busy isn’t the best word to put as a status right now, but I guess when I truly say goodbye to institutionalized learning- more free time will give me more time to pursue my little hobbies like travelling, ordering in tons of book depository books that I never ever finish reading and hopefully, a little more time with the people I’ve been neglecting due to time constrains now.

This goes out to the people who consistently inspire me and remind me of my goals with their never ending support and love.


In the meantime…….. sleep awaits because living the last week on 5 hours of sleep whilst stressing out on assignments till the wee hours did not work well on me

I need 28 hours a day