About Me


Hi there! I’m Cally. 24, +65, living in sunny Singapore.  Child of God. Anti vegetables (I’m working on that). Born day dreamer. Aspiring realist. I write from time to time when I’m not busy being a full fledged working adult. I write about anything and everything under the sun to capture my thoughts into words. A contented bed sloth on weekends and a perpetual day dreamer. Also a sucker for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream,  handwritten cards and spontaneous adventures.

I love travelling far out and wide. Unfortunately, my job, studies and loved ones sometimes stop me from travelling for too long because home is truly where the heart is. One of my best trips was running around Europe solo for three weeks in 2015. I met lovely people through Couchsufing (much to the dismay of my conservative chinese mother, whom I love dearly. Hi ma!) You can find me on Couchsurfing if you’re looking for someone to meet up with for coffee sometime here! But be warned, my schedule may be a little tied up from time to time.


For collaborations or all other inquiries, you can mail me at callychantale@gmail.com.

You can also catch me on instagram @callyooo!



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Cally, I’m a stranger who stumbled on your blog by chance. Just wanted to say I think you write pretty well 🙂 All the best for your studies! God bless you 🙂

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