About Me


Hi there! I’m Cally. 26, +65, living in sunny Singapore.  Child of God. Anti vegetables (I’m working on that). Born day dreamer. Aspiring realist. I write from time to time when I’m not busy being a full fledged working adult. I write about anything and everything under the sun to capture my thoughts into words. A contented bed sloth on weekends and a perpetual day dreamer. Also a sucker for chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream,  handwritten cards and spontaneous adventures.

I love travelling far out and wide. Unfortunately, my job, studies and loved ones are considerations to take when I decide to travel for too long because home is truly where the heart is. One of my best trips was running around Europe solo for three weeks in 2015. I met lovely people through Couchsufing!


I graduated in 2018 majoring in Gerontology and social work. It was a long road studying and working at the same time but I’m glad for really supportive loved ones and family that got me through this crazy difficult academic ride. I really hope to (one day) be able to make a difference, as cliche as it sounds in the social service sector. If you would like to know why I chose to work with the elderly, ask me in person and I’ll share with you why :”)

I come from a really big family of 5 children (I’m the 5th and most doted upon, I hope?). My mom raised us as a full time homemaker and only worked when I reached my almost teen years. Through hardship, we’ve learnt to be stronger as a family unit, though we might have our disagreements from time to time!


For collaborations or all other inquiries, you can mail me at callychantale@gmail.com.

You can also catch me on instagram @callyooo!



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Cally, I’m a stranger who stumbled on your blog by chance. Just wanted to say I think you write pretty well 🙂 All the best for your studies! God bless you 🙂

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