2016 in a nutshell

While everyone dedicates posts on their social media account to what they were thankful for in 2016, I shall write my 2016 memories here to look back on. Here goes!


In 2016 we finally (after much postponing/procrastination) to take a family portrait at Serangoon Broadway as a gift for my mom’s 60th birthday. We had intended it to be a shoot without our +1’s because we wanted my mom to preserve that memory of her with her 5 children. The shoot wasn’t cheap and quite frankly I hate the makeup that they put on me that day but it really felt as though we were all children again living together ūüôā We went for lunch after that at this cute little cafe in Serangoon called Rokeby. Charles paid the bill for lunch that day and it was a morning of laughs and joked as we all squeezed in one car.


I travelled to Melbourne and Tasmania and that was my first time going to anywhere remotely near Australia. I was so excited to touch the kangaroos and take three hour drives out (but to be honest I slept mostly in the car hurhur) and though I don’t earn much I was very glad that I managed to cough out some money to travel a little further since my Europe Tripping days.


I also travelled to Perth, Malaysia (JB+Malacca) and Bali this year. There’s this indescribable feeling of leaving everything behind which I love and hate at the same time.

Christa & Switzerland

Christa came to Singapore to Visit! She stayed with me for 4 days and I’m so glad that despite the distance and time that¬†we still managed to keep in touch. From being my couchsurfing host in Switzerland, I became hers in Singapore. It was one of those rare friendships that we formed and I was so thankful that we managed to reconnect after time has passed.img_9709

Turning 24

I turned 24 on the 24th. This is one of the greatest memories I have of 2016 as I watched how infinitely blessed and loved I was from all my friends and family who celebrated this day with me. I say this every year- but working with seniors have made me realize that life is indeed unpredictable. And we expect that we will live till a ripe old age but, sometimes life throws curve balls. I was blessed with another year of life, and for that I will always be eternally grateful.


My God Family 

They say you can’t choose your family, but this is the family I chose to be with. We started off at work being colleagues, but as time went by, things changed. I was welcomed to this family¬†through our once a month dinners at Auntie Pat’s and from there we just grew closer together as one. Despite the nagging/fierce low voice I get from Brian from time to time I know it is only because he cares as an older brother. ¬†2016 has been amazing with you guys by my side, and I wouldn’t have changed anything for the world.


Leon’s Family

One of my greatest blessings of 2015 was that I met Leon and things changed for the better for me. The second greatest blessing of 2016 was his family. This year,¬†I¬†joined¬†them on their family trip to Perth. I had originally insisted on not going because I didn’t want to intrude, and Leon’s parents went on to buy the tickets for me. This showed great generosity and kindness on their part, and I was extremely touched. I had a great time with their family as we ate/shopped our way through perth¬†hehe


My mom and Leon

Leon doesn’t talk much. He is a person of few words and comparably can be as shy as me when it comes to new people. There was one day where he bought durians from the market and because I hate durians (the smell is just… eeeyucks) I watched him on that occasion make the first move to chat to my mom and ask about her day. This was a very big moment for me because I saw the effort from such a socially awkward person and it was extremely cute yet sweet at the same time.


Imagine Dragons Live

Yes. I got to see Imagine Dragons Live!!!!!!!!

And listen to their song titled Demons! I can’t get over how I sprinted to the musical festival in slippers and my backpack and caught them JUST as they were starting to sing that song.


The Ng Family

My family though large…………. we get by our arguments, disagreements, pep talks and so on. I know deep down that we get by with what we can and family is still a blessing. This year, the children grew an additional year old, Janelle- our oldest niece is going to attend primary 1 next year (she is 7!!! where has time gone?!) and Kaylan stands at the youngest of 2 years old.


My Dad

2016 also marked 2 years of my Dad’s passing. There are times when I am at a seniors house and I wonder how my Dad would be like if he was still around but I have faith that he has met our maker and that’s all that matters now. Our body has always been just a vessel on earth, and ultimately, I am blessed to remember to have loved and lost, than to not have loved at all.

Processed with VSCO with b1 presetimg_3790-3

An unofficial Graduation

I finally, with great effort- finished my degree in social work at SIM!!! Yes!!!! I am now a degree holder. Do I feel any smarter? no…. any more well equipped for work? no… But happy? yes… I’m elated to bits. Also thankful for all the friendships forged and made in the social work field.




There you go, 2016! You’ve been great. I can’t wait for 2017 and what’s to come.

24 going on 25. Let’s make it count.¬†


2 thoughts on “2016 in a nutshell

  1. Hi! Happened to come across your blog as I was searching about SUSS social work. Am currently doing the post grad diploma course and omg, it’s exams time now and the stress level is insane. Really motivated me a little to read about you sharing about your social work academic journey and transition into the workforce.

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