Running bare soul

 Total clocked for the week:

🌱(Wednesday, 5km)

🌱( Friday, 3km )

Total thoughts clocked for this week:

🌱Signing up myself into mental adult TAF club

🌱 Admitting that I have creaking knees because I’m no longer 18

🌱 Self evaluation/blame on being lazy and resulting in realizing how difficult fitness is to work on after such a long break

Lost and found:

🌱A familiar way to release stress

🌱My old passion for running … (Once upon my ah ma’s time)

🌱Keeping my 6.26/km pace (yay *cries* tears of joy)

🌱my  love for my old nike 4.0 flyknit kicks


For the sake of my cardiovascular health, i hope this feeling stays

2017? I’m not so sure

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