Why pretend to be someone you’re not 

I will now end the end of my finals with this photo: goodbye SIM! You’ve been great but I’m afraid it’s time for a break. 

Finished my 2 papers last friday- 1 on social work in healthcare, which pretty much covered how medical social work was run in terms of Singapore’s healthcare philosophy, and the 2nd being a module coined families and their issues, which touched based on the ever famous ABCX model that i studied and applied ever so hard on, but did NOT come out (yay) *standing ovation*

If you thought social work was easy- think again. Remember most of these questions required filling 20 marks worth of essays in..

This semester was strangely difficult because of many reasons.

1) I have not been going for classes because I spent majority of the time rushing out my practicum assignments/process recordings for my practicum supervisor

2)was too tired (lazy, says my mom) to go for class after a full day of work, and

3) had no sense of urgency to finish my degree and face the “what after?” road of adulthood.

Anyway, long story cut short- my exams are over!!! Although results will be out in a month, i can’t help but feel a huge weight off my shoulders!

So while i enjoy this mini break, it’s time to ponder on my next step. After all, we are always on the road to self improvement. But what now?

a) finally get down to learning driving so i can crash my sister’s car while practicing ha-ha

b) take my basic diving course so i can appreciate marine life a lot more

c) mope around , paint my nails and watch a rerun of f.r.i.e.n.d.s (all 10 seasons, absolutely free online)

d) figure out if i want to continue studying a post grad diploma or a masters? Attend semminars, view overseas offers and applications

e) retire offically and move to malaysia where they have retirement villages…uh….. And at 3.1rm/1 sgd rates i might be 1/3rd close to retirement

f) feed my neopets from my primary school account and play some merecat games

g) sit and wait for my books from book depository to read since my mom recently commented my command of english has gotten worse since I started working….

h)bake again. Because it’s been ages since i baked a cake or a muffin or make some sago gula meleka

i) aim to win $40,000 sgd from the macdonalds monopoly challenge (left with river valley tab, please help fellow Singaporeans)

j) wrap all the christmas presents: with black friday’s sale on daigou its ironic that my ikea wrapping paper cost more than some of my gifts (but ooo so pretty)

30 more days to the end of 2016. What exactly have I been doing in the past year again?

Waiting in the virtual waiting room for coldplay tickets… That’s what i’ve been doing alright🙄

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