Jb trippin over the weekend!

Caroline and I bounced off the idea of taking a short day trip to JB over the national day weekend next week but somewhere along the line we decided to take the trip this weekend instead!

Customs itself was crazy. We met at almost 1.30pm and we queued at Malaysia’s side for almost 2 hours. In total, we only reached city square at close to 5pm.

We first scrambled to book a massage, and headed to nails addiction at city square mall. This was Caroline’s reccommendation since she was always doing nails in JB with her sisters. Doing a nail mani and pedi only cost me $60+ sgd, and that came with a foot scrub too. Amazingly, they accept sgd cash on the spot from the rate 2.98 which is preeeettty good in my opinion.

Loving the nails😍

After our nail salon, we made a scramble to decide if we wanted to stay a night. Reason being that we still wanted time to hang around since we spent so much time travelling there. Thankfully, Caroline’s mom was really understanding and my mother was just concerned that 2 women shouldn’t be alone in JB. So we decided on swiss inn which was a 3star hotel that only cost us $40sgd a night for a twin room.

We then proceeded to have dinner and then head for our massage at thai odessey at 7.45pm. We had only finished eating at that time and rushed to reach at 7.50pm. When i reached the counter, I greeted and told the lady I was here for our foot massage. She did not greet me. She did not smile. Instead, she said…

“Cancel already.”

I was like…… What?

“Late already!!!!” She said rudely and pointed at the clock. “Appointment time over”.

I was so annoyed by her attitude. There were 2 empty chairs in the room so i didn’t really know what her problem was.

“Fine. Can i make an appointment for tomorrow then?”

Her colleague then walks in and I say, “I missed my appointment so can i schedule tomorrow for an appointment?”

She then rudely tells me-

“Yeah la! You must always come on time. After 10 minutes we cancel!!!!”

This is when i lost my temper internally. I have to admit i was trying so hard to control my annoyance but i went,

“My appointment time is at 7.45pm. Its 7.50pm.”

At this moment she realizes her mistake and goes, “oh!” While her rude colleague sits there, ignores me and scrolls through her computer.

“Forget it.” I say. “Tomorrow we will come back for body massage.” We left it at that and we left to do our hair at hair waves.

I have to say I was quite annoyed after my incident at thai odessey. But we managed to perk ourselves up by getting a nice hairdo and dye at hairwaves. Our salon stylist was so nice, its a pity i didn’t get his name.

Hair waves was great! I wasn’t too hot about the boss who is malaysian but married a singaporean ask us if we were from NUS but when we aswered no, he went on about how his daughter is studying in VJC now and his son is a URA scholar. No we didn’t ask. Neither did we ask for a elaboration because we felt so awkward. Kids, if you’re reading this- your dad is proud of you, which is sweet.

But what wasn’t so great was what happened after. Of course, this is my personal encounter which I was quite upset about. Because we decided to stay overnight for a night, i did not manage to change enough RM. Before i went in, I asked if they had accepted cards and they said yes to Nets and Master/Visa.

However when I was going to pay (about $100sgd), the terminal had an issue. Every card was stopped, even Caroline who offered to try her card. It was 945pm, all the shops were closed/closing but yet the boss of hair waves held me back. Caroline paid in cash and went to buy our night’s necessities (toothbrush) while I was treated like a criminal and made to go to the atm to Draw out the cash while the nice salon artist was made to follow me. During this whole time, he kept apologizing which made me feel bad, so i obliged.

When i went to try the 2 atm’s, i was rejected from drawing money. 2 slips came out at 2 different bank machines but i was confused because there was, obviously, money in the account! So I showed the slips to the nice hair stylist and he said not to worry, and that he’s so sorry to have to trouble me to go all the way down to get this done.

I went up with the slips and was so mad. It was so late already and obviously its the terminal that’s faulting, not my 2 different cards (master and visa). Its ridiculous. But when i came up, i maintained my stance and i went…

“It didn’t go through.”

*in an angry/rushed tone* “what?! Its your banks fault. Can you call your bank?! DONT you have any OTHER credit cards?!?!”

I was so shocked and taken aback by his terrible terrible reaction. I felt so disrespected as a customer. It felt as if i was a criminal waitig to run away after doing my hair at a salon 🙄

“I have amex.” I answer.

“We don’t accept amex.” He retorts. “You have to use other cards.”

He gets on the phone with his nets terminal hotline. They tell him to on and off the switch. And guess what? The machine worked!!! Tadah!!!

Was it my bank?


Was it because of my cards?


Was it because i was trying to run away without paying ?


Boss: You know machines, they are so unpredictable.

I smiled and paid. But i was so angry. There was no apology of his mistake. I will not visit hair waves again if I had the chance. I just feel sorry for the extremely nice salon artist who was so kind and even asked us how we were going to get to our hotel considering by the time we ended this fisaco.

We took an uber to our hotel: swiss inn!

Pretty good for 40sgd a night! We slept till it was almost 10am and lazed till 11am that very morning before we got up, packed and left.

Did i mention Caroline rushed to buy the night necessities due to the hair incident which left us stranded at hairwaves and being treated like criminals? Oh yes i did. So Caroline bought toothbrushes. Yay!!! But guess what. She forgot the toothpaste….. 😱😱😱

But still a good try, A for iniciative jiayi thanks for trying 😘

We went for brunch. Brunch there is super cheap compared to singapore. We tried the famous egg slut at coffee valley at suterya mall and had coffee. It was less than $20sgd for 2 of us. The food wasn’t that great but the portions were huge!!! The hype about the egg slut was so-so.

Oh and we tried chaiwalla which wasn’t thaaaat great despite the hype. But I had pretty pictures!After that we went for our massage at thai odessey, and we were careful not to be a single minute late. Thankfully all went well and we had a really relaxing time.

We went to FOS and bought a trip tee for KL who missed our JP trippin trip. wasn’t the same missing KL but we literally hastagged our pics to be #tanpanng #missinngtan. Or at least i did that!

Oh and thanks Jiayi for all the girl time. I don’t say it all the time but life would definitely have not been the same if I didn’t meet you 😘🙆🏻

Overall, a good getaway from singapore despite the rubbish i got myself into. Wrote this in the 45 minutes on the train to work, whoo! Gotta bounce!


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