#swizzsg (When couchsurfing turns to actual friendship)

Some pictures to mark off the last 4D3N that I had hosting my wonderful friend, Christa! Christa was actually my host exactly a year back in Switzerland as she brought me around Interlaken and Beatenburg. We had a wonderful time laughing over our little stories of what time we had back last year.

You see, Christa stays in a farm with her wonderful family. I was very intrigued by the farm life, because we don’t have what they have here in Singapore. Sometime in the evening on the first night, I returned to my room to find a huge bee buzzing away. I yelled for Christa and she said, “No it’s okay, they won’t harm you. We just sleep with them.” and walked off and I was terrified because I have been accustomed to believe that bees will just sting me and kill me. It was hilarious because Christa then ended with labelling me a city girl, and joked often saying, “My gosh! You are such a city girl!

While she was here, she found our country funny. This included the rules (that we are so infamous for) as she snapped all the signs and fines around our country. We also had a good laugh at the cat cafe as she joked that she opened something like that back home, that the switz people would say, “why would i go to a cafe… I have cats at home…”. We even shared the same sentiments after our 3 hour hike to tree top walk with these two bolded words, “Never, again.”.

I hosted her this time while she was in Singapore and strangely it felt nothing short of home and that it felt like we were friends for many years. Saying goodbye felt really bittersweet but I’m sure this isn’t goodbye. See you in Switzerland soon, my friend!



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