On people who strike fear into hearts


Sometimes in life, you meet people who try to second guess you. They question your intentions, they strike uncertainty in your hearts and feed on creating insecurity in the choices you have made in life. Your job, your career, the people you love, your outfit.. “Are you sure you want to do this? You will miss out. Your peers will earn more than you!  They will be able to afford things you can’t do.” The list goes on and on.

Upon reflection, it feels like these people are afraid. They are afraid of missing out something that they see in your life that they cannot have. They are afraid of taking that chance to do something different from the conventional, safe routes. Truth is, most of them don’t figure out what they want out of this life. They will find every opportunity to strike you down, hurt you or confuse you. But eventually,when the dust settles- you’d realize that some things are worth letting go. That they are worth letting go. Not because they are heavy to bear, but simply because they shouldn’t and are not yours to bear.

Go on child, don’t let them dull your sparkle. IMG_9377


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