we were in screaming colours


My takeaway of the week: people can only treasure the meaning of a fleeting moment when that moment becomes a memory. With the busy week that has just gone by, only to be replaced with an even busier week- I can’t help but feel the pressure on me. With work, school and its upcoming exams, I barely seem to have time for the people around me. I’m so glad that the ones who are close by though, are still extremely supportive to attune their schedule to mine (which I’m really grateful for, of course).

Recently, I’ll be honest to say that I’ve not been having my usual great days. Thursday was the worst for me this week, I came back drained, really upset and worse still, I (think) I chose to displace my anger the unhealthy way- leading to a terrible argument (which now has been, thankfully, resolved) with my loved ones.

Thursday was a terrible day, and although the situation wasn’t my intention or fault, I was yelled and told off harshly at which didn’t help. I stood my ground, but eventually standing my ground had my arm twisted again and made me look wrong. However, upon closer reflection- this reminded me that even if your voice quivers, speak the truth. Even if it hurts. Sometimes all I wish is for some teamwork and cooperation, a little peace and acknowledgement that I’m doing something right. As for what intentions I have in my heart, it is my heart. Not yours. I think with time, I’ll learn to put my feelings aside and not take things personally, especially if the statement was hurtful.

Also, Happy Mother’s day to the mother who drives me crazy but I adore to bits. You have done so much for me growing up and though sometimes we don’t see eye to eye, I know you have tried everything in your capacity to be strong for me. Love you!

On a whole other note: totally relating to Taylor Swift’s pretty old song, out of the woods.

So are we in the clear yet?

Peace Out.


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