Seo Dae Yong

First off: some pictures to sum up my past week’s obsession, and my daily comfort on the 45 minute to work and back: Seo Dae Yong.

Yes. I promised I wouldn’t get hooked on any korean dramas and devoted my life to Master’s sun. But I was so curious about what descendents of the sun was about and what the hype was about. I came to the conclusion that it was only one—–

Seo Dae Yong.

Great job to me, the student who has exams in barely 3 weeks, while trying to understand school and its theories on gamma and statistical calculations.

Dae young! Save me. *I wish you were actually real sniffles*

Ok sleep calls, we have a full day at work tomorrow. Not mentioning I’m working really early 3 times this week and have a 6 day work week next week.(with half a saturday and half a sunday) So technically, i’ll be in work the whole week.Not complaining though, because after this busy work week, I will be off to mug for 4 papers which I have extremely no expertise in. *meek* yay!

June will be so much better, because I’m turning….. 24 *gulp* (yay?) Oh boy. Please, just make it stop.




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