All in your time

“What if what you’re seeing is only half of what you’re believing?”IMG_0938

I sometimes wonder what would be easier to deal with- other than your perpetual confusion of logic versus heart. Sometimes, I scurry over to him , telling, “Hey. It’s all in your time. So please look after this for me, because I cannot look after it on my own anymore.

I did that with almost all the people that I thought I could save. Be it a friendship, a relationship, family once lost and forgotten. It was always a problem when I tried to cut someone out of my life, considerably because I never seemed to have the heart to do so.So the only advice I have for you today is to understand in life, there’s always going to be struggles. You just have to pick who you want to struggle with.

As for me, I know he will make you beautiful in his time. But as far as the past has me concerned, it is not me you should be looking for.



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