Saul’s 23rd

  Saul and I started off on a weird step when we first met in our polytechnic education. First off, I was 2 years behind my general peers. While my new found peers being a fresh 16, there i stood,18 at freshmen orientation camp only to be greeted by my Group leader (GL)-Saul. While all the other 16 year old gushed at their first impressions of camp infacuations, i stayed glued shut on my feet most of the time. I found it weird that I had to take instructions from someone who was a year younger than me-clearly. 

Somewhere along the lines, we became friends. Good friends, I don’t know how those lines crossed but i’m really glad that it did. When i first experienced a devasting heatbreak, i focused hard on my internship. During those hardest periods, saul was the one who would make the effort to meet me for lunch, and would even sometimes appear with a cup of de’good or cupcakes, macarrons even that he baked with his own hands. It was a very difficult time,trying, really. And looking back, i’m so glad that saul was around during that period.  

Fast forward to today, me and em celebrated saul’s birthday today at House at dempsey. It was a really nice catch up as i realized the greatest blessing of life is that with certain friends, it becomes extremely safe to build homes out of them. Saul became one of those friends for me ☺️☺️☺️ 

 Happy 23rd to you Saullliiieee!!!! Wishing you joy, peace and happiness. For many more years of friendship to come, thanks for being one of god’s greatest blessings in my life! Lots of love always.  



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