But at least we’d both be beautiful and stay forever young

After reading Claire’s blog on catching The Effect, me and twin decided to have some girl time and caught friday’s play after work. It was a really interesting play though, I have to say there was a lot to analyse on the storyline, the character build up and so on. But all in all, it was really good and I was superbly impressed that something semi local (with Adrian Pang and Tan Kheng Hua) was being brought to life right here in our local theaters.

Some pictures that night+in remembrance of my pretty heels. I bought them 2 years ago in Bangkok and only wore them out on special occasions like these (because they were so comfy and matched everything and anything) only to have it break on me during the show….. was so sad to have to throw it away >:-( If anyone sees something similar please let me know! #anotherreasontobuyanotherpairofshoes 🙂


My saturday was a good mix of fun, while it lasted. Twin stayed over and after she left in the early afternoon, I spent the rest of the day rolling around in bed with cramps, feeling as bloated as a ball and trying on everything but looking like a 4 month pregnant woman. Oh and did i mention the backaches? Oh how the first and second days of womanhood can make someone feel so defeated.

I did make plans with the boys but Jared’s knee popped out of his kneecap which was extremely worrying. So I settled in with a hot cup of water and netflix.

I was forced out of bed in the morning on sunday due to social protocol because it was my third sister’s birthday!! Before that, I went to collect the cake at Jalan Kayu (our family’s favourite, Jane’s Cake Station) and at the same time met up with Monique and Gabs! Some new phrases that I learnt from Mo:

A chip on her shoulder

Meaning: Having to prove something.

It was on a whim

Meaning: An impulse. Whim/Fancy.

No pictures because Mo preferred not to so we caught up instead. It was really nice to make the time to do so! Instead: Old photos to show how far back we go……. like this pretty one of the three of us at my 21st birthday bash. And I’m turning 24 this year…..*sniffles* we were so young….

Lastly, Tracy’s birthday!

We went to Paragon’s Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck for lunch (Click here for link) and pre-ordered their famous Peking Duck. Because we were such a big party of 8 adults (we originally had 12 but due to absenteeism) and because we made reservations in advance, we were given a private room yay! I was really impressed by their Dim sum though! To note: their beancurd skin roll with prawns and their prawn dumplings are superb! Needless to say their peking duck was…. absolutely delish. They also had this dish which is tomato and cream rice which reminds me strangely of mui fan and tasted YUMZ. On average, it cost about $43 per head but the food was really worth the cost in my opinion!


Sisters are like thighs, they stick together. HAHAHA Happy birthday Sissy!!! Xx

Summing up my weekend! Time to cook some dinner and roll back into bed before the new week starts. Full steam ahead!


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