For knowledge and favour

I’ve been more quiet with my thoughts recently. In recent reflections from my childhood, i remember my dad saying: “ask and you shall be given”. In moments where I feel like giving up, a thought pops into my mind as I ask. For knowledge, for discernment and for favour.

Despite the busy commute to work and the never ending deadlines of school-the girls suprised me greatly when they decided to reappear at my house for dinner last night. It was really nice to have some girl time before we bid our goodbyes. I have to say I am pretty grateful for such friendships like this.

On a whole other note: this is me trying to hold my life together.


“Time doesn’t heal all woulds. But I’m really glad you’re doing well. It’s all I ever hoped for.”

After Claire’s reccomendation on the recent play “the effect”, i was pretty intrigued and asked Twin if she was interested and tadah! We’re going to catch the play this weekend. Other than that, I have nothing much planned for this weekend except some assignments that require me getting used to. Urgh, the old grind of academia.

Till then, xx


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