starting off 2016 right


The week has been very busy, as always. I finally took some time to catch up with a very old friend of mine- Liyin!

We were primary four classmates, and she was my ‘buddy’ in class when we were nine. We drifted apart when we went to different secondary schools.

She wasn’t (and still isn’t) a fan of social media so it was difficult to keep in touch with her. Amazingly, we were recently reconnected on facebook. We had a good time catching up and laughing over our days when we weren’t a part of each other’s lives.

One really nice takeaway from our catch up that Liyin reminded me of was that if a man truly loved you, he’d pluck the stars for you. Metaphorically of course.

I ended off last friday with #tanpanng as we celebrated Caroline’s birthday. She turns 22 on the 17th. We had originally planned to go to spageddies at Orchard central because the birthday girl was craving pasta, only to realize more than half the mall was renovating. After going up level after level, we found ourselves drawn to the long queue at….

Dancing Crab!

We queued from 630pm and we were thankful to be at least third in line, because shortly after the queue was piling up. We waited all the way till 7.15pm before the no-show reservations gave us a table. For three people, we ate close to $200 worth of food but thankfully with an Amex platinum card there’s a whopping 35% discount so we only paid about $130 for such a big seafood feast! Drinks at Alley bar afterwards which was just across the road!


Happy 22nd Birthday Pan Jiayi ❤ For many more years to come xx

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