On checking out girls

 We were having dimsum over a late dinner last night. Halfway through, his eyes adverted to something behind me. He went,

“Sweetie. Just a random question, what kind of jeans are that?”

I turned around to see a woman with a perky bum, back facing us and just a few steps from our table. 

Without hesitation, I answer-

“Jeggings. High waisted Jeggings.

He nods. I then aim my fingers slowly as i gave a hard flick on his forehead, leaving him reeling in shock. His reaction was hilarious. 

“I wasn’t checking her out! I swear!” He insists, while i try to control my laughter. 

“Don’t pretend. Jared taught me one thing about men checking out other women in the presence of their girlfriends, they stare-and when caught-they should ask a question about the said subject to save themselves.”

Certain analogies have been tested and proven. Who would have thought, Jared? But one thing’s for sure, we had a good laugh over dinner. It pays to have close male childhood friends. They unveil the greatest secrets of men. 

Men, watch out. We ladies are catching on fast. 


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