Marc & Mabel’s Wedding 2015


Sorry for the lack of updates. Life has been extremely busy. I had previously assumed that December would be a considerable breather as compared to the previous months since school is technically out. I however failed to take into consideration that I had a lot to do to sum up 2015 (both at work and at home).

Last Saturday was my cousin’s wedding. It was a pretty reception at four season’s hotel with the tea ceremony followed by lunch. It was a good time for the family to come together , especially since I haven’t had much time to really catch up with my relatives.The life of the party, was of course- with no doubt: my aunt, the mother of the groom. She beamed with joy with a glass of wine in her hand, watching her son get married.

As my cousin took his place on stage with his wife, I was extremely touched by his speech to thank my grandma for her sacrifices in bringing him up. He struggled in his Chinese to translate it from English and I giggled. We were definitely from the same tree.

The food coma hit me well after lunch. But i came to a conclusion that day.

I guess I still really like family time.




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