Safety versus comfort


I was speaking to a friend the other day while updating my Instagram account. She turned to me and gave me her straightest face. “Cally. Did you realize that social media is just a distraction from reality?

I was baffled by her sudden curtness. She then continued on.

You should stop blogging so much. In this time of social media, blogging isn’t an art or a talent anymore- it is a source of incites towards your downfall, because you are literally an open book. Anyone can log on, type your email and read your innermost thoughts.

If you think that’s safe, then continue writing. But if you, for a second stopped and pondered on what I had to say, then maybe. Just maybe, you should take a break from writing your day to day activities.

You don’t only put yourself at harm, but you bring to light other people’s lives to total strangers on the internet.

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