Exam Week

Exam week summed up:

  • Life as a nomad, running from libraries to houses to half contemplating whether to go up to my neighbour’s house upstairs to tell them to stop drilling/banging whatever they were doing at 10am because it was disrupting my revision
  • Then chickening out 15 minutes later, uprooting myself and heading to my brother’s house because I was never really that good at confrontation.
  • Last minute revision (again). I had originally tried studying two weeks prior to the exams but studying after work never bade well with me.
  • 5-6 hour sleep cycles, because revision ran till late at night. Waking up for work the very next morning and thanking God for a seat on the train before I closed my eyes and slept.
  • Dependable friends, who make me (slightly) more motivated to study, late night skype calls to video conference and share our verbal diarrhoea on past year exam questions and debate on correct answers

When the semester comes close to a close, it reminds me being a foot closer to graduation, a step closer to doing social work, and a step closer to making that difference. That really makes the motivation to work harder to reaching that end in mind. It feels like only yesterday when I blogged that Year 2 was going to be perfect. In the blink of an eye, it’s really amazing that half a semester has gone by.

2 papers down, 1 more to go. And hopefully,2-3 more semesters till I graduate.

In the meantime, I’ll remind myself that action cures fear (my fear of failing lol brb)


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