My first Halloween


Summing up my first ever Halloween Party @ my brother’s place! (I attempted to be a bunny with bunny ears) Sarah made these amazing jello shots that left me weak in my knees. It was all in good fun.

One year ago on this date, my father passed away. Halloween has a bigger meaning to my heart. But I’ve learnt that some things are better left offline than online. So with that, I take a large majority of what I’ve felt over the past year of his absence to my heart. But I take great comfort in knowing that he’s in a better place. A happier place.

Life has been great. Exams are coming up in a week and I’m hardly prepared. Despite the multitudes of naggings I’ve had in the last week to study, I lack the motivation or discipline to start early. It’s terrible, really. I tried to study at the end of a work day, only to fall asleep within an hour or less of reading the texts. I sure wish I had some motivation- thankfully my passion for social work helps me stretch through what I can and cannot do.

So many things to do, so little time. Will try to be back end this month with more updates on this space. In the meantime, hang tight!

Lots of love,



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