Happy 21st Birthday Kuan Lin!

I had some girl time last weekend with the girls to celebrate KL’s 21st birthday, and for a start, we booked the club room at Oasia hotel!!!

I felt like such a thorn among the roses, considerably because  I can’t stay up beyond midnight on normal days (I’ve been flat out of energy lately). I had actually worked that morning so by the time we got to the hotel my energy was almost/if not completely drained. But anyway, it was a surprise (We told KL it was  an airb&b apartment) and as usual, KL lived to our expectations of her being late but when she arrived, she was shocked! But I guess she kind of expected it anyway since we celebrated Caroline’s 21st at a staycation at Studio M hotel in early January this year.

I’ve heard so much about Oasia Hotel on Kiss92 and their amazing infinity pool- which was one of the reasons why we booked the club room, which was one of the more expensive rooms. With the Club room and suite, you can have access to level 23, which consists of an infinity pool and all day free flow drinks and food (alcohol included). It’s the exclusivity we paid for, which I was thoroughly impressed with.

Our Club room & the infinity pool at night!


When I first booked the room, it was originally a Superior room. It was after Caroline and I discussed our budget before we decided to upgrade it to the club room. Even though the haze was bad, I was pretty happy that we managed to spend some time in the pool and enjoy soaking in the exclusivity of the hotel. After speaking to Sam, one of the Guest experience manager‘s of Oasia Hotel, he noted that it was a birthday surprise for KL. So what left me shell shocked was that Sam did this for me:

  1. He gave us a late check out at 4pm on the next day.
  2. There was a discount for the 3rd person for cocktails and breakfast the next day.

I was extremely impressed with their service. I had forgotten all about it as we went on throughout the day, we went for a swim, ate and headed back to our room to laze. It was only much later when we decided to go out for suppper at the famous Founder’s ba ku teh that we heard a ring. Caroline was in the shower and KL looked at me, we were both equally confused.

“Did you order room service?!”

“No?! Did you?”


The confusion and sudden fear in our voices were so hilarious. We slowly edged towards our front door, perplexed. And then we opened the door to Sam and another colleague holding up this: KL was so suprised!

So guys, with this lengthy post, I’d like to first say Happy 21st Birthday to my favourite Kippy! The youngest baby of our little group of #tanpanng. We’ve been friends for close to 4 years now, and as time passes I’ve come to see KL grow into her shoes. She has always been a younger sister to me and will forever be the little baby sister I never had (all this includes her perpetual lateness and me getting annoyed at her).

Also summing up the amazing service at Oasia hotel, and to a great relaxing staycation.


Brb- Work in progress.



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