The F1 Weekend

As some of you already know, I usually help out with merchandise during the F1 weekend. I started when I was in polytechnic and was still a poor student then, and after much persuasion this year from my friends and loved ones, I decided to attempt to continue my streak and guess what? I survived this year’s F1 at my tent, marking my 4th Year catching the F1 Singapore Grand prix!

This year was slightly different though. For the last 3 years I was in a tent facing the Padang, which meant I could see the concerts live from where I stood. This year, I was moved to the Bay grandstand which had no such perk except one: to see the cars race live. I guess there are always perks and not so much perks to a job, I was a little bummed out because I had originally wanted to see Maroon 5 Live (and I saw on my newsfeed later that Adam levine was topless singing live?!) but progressively as the days went by i noticed that I felt less tired than I did the year before. Isabell was working with me this year too and she commented the same thing. It was then that we noticed that the Padang had a much bigger and demanding crowd for merchandise, and we were so lucky that we ended up at the Bay grandstand this year. *hooray!*


Unlike other years where we ended slightly after 1.30 in the morning, we ended no later than 12.30am on all days. I was so happy to finally be able to go home and take a shower! Working for F1 is not an easy job, I have to say. Not only do we stand for 10 hours everyday progressively for 3 days, we have only 50 minutes worth of breaks (20/30mins each time depending on your tent manager). But when you work with friends, time goes by pretty quickly with good conversations and girl talk! By the end of the day you’re so tired you just drag yourself home, shower and knock out till the next afternoon.

F1 was also meaningful to me and Bell and our friendship. I had originally not wanted to work and called her the day before, telling her I wanted to give up my slot because I was exhausted. Bell would then be alone to work the full 3 days and I felt bad, so I went ahead with working there. On our first day Isabell said to me, “Do you remember this time last year….?” And I nodded.  “Look at us now, we’re both happy.” She said. We smiled at each other and laughed.

That was because one year ago when we both worked together for F1, we were at our lowest of low. I remember us both being extremely sad and upset, determined to make things better for ourselves. To be less vulnerable, to be more daring, to stand up for ourselves, to not give in to people who don’t deserve our trust. I remember the nigh we listened to Robbie Williams sing better man-and for a second, it felt good again. Hope is a dangerous thing to have, ladies. We spent the next night watching J-lo shake her bum off to Get right as we hopped while we worked. The night felt so surreal with the energy and the crowd that it was something worth remembering.

Isabell & me at one of our breaks, F1 2014
F1 2015!

Hope you guys had a swell weekend! Lots of love always, xx


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