The perplexed mission of nothing


“So what have you been doing?”

Being Lazy. Fretting over deadlines for assignments. Going to work. Waking up as early as slightly over five in the morning. Spending time with the people I love. Crawling to bed at close to eleven with heavy eyelids. Rushing to finish up an errand. Stressing out when I can’t complete the errand. Planning my next month’s schedule. Planning my next holiday. Getting frustrated when I don’t finish my work on time, only to resort to fallout shelter as my escape plan. Planning revision for my exams. Planning which day to take my exam and study leave. Seeing my family. Reading bits and pieces of books and jumping to another before I can even finish half of the book. thinking of working out. Procrastinating. Buying coffee. Making tea.

“Nothing. Nothing’s been up with my life.”

Nothing at all.


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