Just give me a reason

The danger of letting your mind go wild: it takes you a while to come back from your episodes of neurotic self.

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Over the course of the new week, I’ve come to realize many of us are guilty of overthinking. We feel miserable when we brood over the same topic over and over again, we wonder of the infinite possibilities with words of a promise, and smart from the searing pain of being wronged and shamed. Our emotions swing as we imagine what it’s like to feel-if we were the person we were thinking about.

We imagine what we would have done if we were them. However, we fail to realize that we aren’t them. Maybe that’s what makes us so special, because through the situations of nature, we note-we are stubborn creatures who consistently fail to learn. Or like how my brother always goes, “that’s when natural selection takes place”.

Today I learnt that if don’t control your mind, it will control you.

Maybe that’s why I love Pink’s rendition of just give me a reason. She sings so hard about all her thoughts and insecurities and Nate reassures her. How do we get rid of the neurotic cells in our heads? Maybe all we need to eradicate PMS for us women is to create a Nate in our heads.

“I”m sorry I don’t understand where all of this is coming from, I thought that we were fine.

your head is running wild again, my dear we still have everything.

And it’s all in your mind.”


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