A place

There is a place where I go to when no one is home.

I sit by the steps of my building, counting down the minutes on my little clock face till someone comes home.

There is a place I go to when I feel sad.

I kickback my head in the wind as I feel like I’m flying back to my child like days. The motion of the swings take me away.

There is a place I go to when I am angry.

It is dark. No one knows me. I can’t even hear my own heavy breathing, my feet pounds the ground heavily as perspiration mercilessly flows down my brows.

There is a place I go to when someone I love passes on.

I sit by the benches of a park and watch the people whiz by. Laughing, talking and reminding me what it means to live. I know that the separation is only temporary, and life in itself is a gift that not all of us receive all the time.

There is a place I go to when It gets too overwhelming.

I run home and pull out all my clothes, only to re-fold and stack them back in my cupboard again. I then gear myself with a pencil and my planner to try to logically solve why I feel the way that I feel. The sunset and sounds of the tide residing reminds me of the hope of having another chance to make things right tomorrow.

There is no place I can go to when I am happy. It took me too long to realize we couldn’t make alcoves out of people.

That’s because happiness can’t stay in a place.

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