On Self Love

The whole week has been crazy busy with events, work, school and other late nights that we hadn’t spent time together all week. When the weekend came, I dragged myself for our weekly run with a smarting headache (I had procrastinated this run all week, lazy/exhausted-pick a choice). Just as we proceeded to do our warm ups, I asked if we could do them inside, further away from the main road, which was bustling with cars driving by and other passerby’s. “Why? Are you shy that people driving by will be looking?

I nod in embarrassment. “Well.” I say. “Fat people don’t like people to look at them when they’re exercising.

A few seconds pass by as he continues stretching his last set before looking at me. I couldn’t read his expression. Before I could say something, he replied. “What are you talking about? You’re ok. And besides, 

Fat or thin, aren’t we all born with 2 eyes, 2 ears, 5 fingers, a mouth, a nose and a heart?


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