intrinsic motivation

Over the what little years I’ve had on this earth, I’ve come to realize that the idea of structure has always been a very idealistic idea of mine. It’s easy to assume structure and create a framework to concrete steps to work out the problem, but to follow the idea throughout requires great resolve. Is it possible then to resolve issues just through a structural framework alone instead of trying to use like mindedness and emphatic emotions all the time?

In class the other day, our teacher showed us a video. In it, a man spoke of taking a completely different approach to solving problems. He said, “I like simple ideas. If you’ve got a problem drinking-then quit drinking. I don’t like people who say they have a problem, but don’t do anything in their power to solve it“. I could agree with him on so many levels, for he spoke of a underlying reason as to why people hate it when the line of empowerment crosses the line of dependency.

“Emotions are one of life’s most important pleasures. But sometimes, they drown out the ability to address the problems”

Just last week, someone close said to me, “You know what gets you in trouble? That you’re too sure of yourself. So don’t speak too quickly. Don’t promise too quickly.

Think before you speak.


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