On impulsiveness

I asked so many questions. How? Why? When? Where? What was the first trigger? Second trigger? Was there a moment where he felt different? A little more committed maybe? He sighed.

It was a few minutes after before he started shuffling his feet , playing with his buckle clasp-burgundy and worn out weathered bag. We were trained to do this, to read the body language of a person who hid their problems under their beds, refusing to talk about swept issues, fears and discontentment eating them alive inside out.

“Someone once said to me that your gut could tell if the person you loved lied simply by looking them in the eyes, allowing your intuition to tell you what your heart wouldn’t have believed in a million years. The statement of the windows were the eyes to a person’s soul, is true, indefinitely”.

“It’s ok. Let’s keep it simple.

They say Love is simple and it comes naturally. That is false.

Love isn’t simple at all! It isn’t a feeling.

It’s a choice. A consistent, committed choice. To want to love the person over and over again. To give in to her time and time again to her favorite things. To inspire her and let her inspire you. To choose her above all the rest.

I just didn’t want to do that anymore.”


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