I fell sick on friday with a cold and I felt miserable.

Something happened through the week that made me feel rather upset, but I had managed to shake off that awful feeling, feigning ignorance. I had determined it wasn’t worth thinking too much about, and got busy with my work in the day time. I kept silent in the night, believing avoiding the situation and being the bigger person was the only option worth taking. On Saturday night, something happened that blew it completely out of proportion.

My anger is rarely loud in other situations. However, just this time, I felt it show horribly as if I burst into uncontrollable flames. When I hung up the phone, I plopped onto my bed, furiously typing on my phone to salvage the argument to make my stand known. I was so mad, unjustified. I felt wrongly accused and defeated.

I didn’t bother looking up till I felt someone touch my shoulder. I looked up and saw him as he came and sat by my bedside floor.

Don’t be angry.” He said. ” Are you crying? Don’t cry.

It’d be ok.


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