Vesak day/ the weirdest interview ever


Twin came over today for a mini movie marathon. I tried to convince her to watch the poltergeist (which was recommended by one of my colleagues), I had assumed birds of the same feathers flock together-that being, chickens flock together , huddling for strength. In the end, she rejected us scaring ourselves silly, as we settled for watching the highly raved about bdsm film, 50 shades of grey. Huddled under blankets and in an air con room, we broke every awkward scene with innuendos, as I sorely questioned, how many times did Anna ever not wear a bra underneath her shirt? How impractical. Was this film really realistic? Or twisted? I couldn’t decide.

As the movie ended, with names exchanged, lift door slammed shut-we both went : “What?!?!?! That was it?!??!

We were sorely disturbed by the film, and perpetuated on the emotional scars Christian might have had, being a young child and potentially a submissive to Mrs Robinson. What choices could you make at that age, right? Confusion, confusion.

Side tracking. Twin and I felt like getting bubble tea after the movie, so we took a slow walk to go to the mall. On the way there, a young girl probably in her late teens stopped us for the potentially most infringing interview ever. It was really confusing really, especially in Singapore where religion is a touchy subject. She first went on to assure us that the interview had no right or wrong answers, and then proceeded to ask us what religion we believed in. From what I can remember, it went something like this:

  • How do you see God? Who is God to you? Your friend?
  • Where do you go to practice your faith at? Which Church?
  • Where do you think you go after death? Heaven or hell?
  • So if you were at the gates of heaven and hell, and God is there. What would god say before he lets you enter heaven or hell?
  • Do you think God will let you go to heaven? Why?

A tad too much deep questions before bubble tea, as me and twin stared at each other exchanging looks throughout the interview. But because I was curious, I left my email. I wonder if I’ll ever know what that survey was for.

I wonder.


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