11 Chivalrous Things A Man Can Do To Melt A Woman’s Heart

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Thought Catalog

After a conversation with my two male friends the other day on men, we agreed on a conclusion- that chivalry was rare. If we experienced it, we women might have won the male version of a lottery. “It’s rare, not impossible” they say, “it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.”

1. Offering his jacket when he sees you’re cold

A male friend once told me, “I wouldn’t offer unless she asked”. When a man gives up his jacket for you without you asking for it, he’s showing that he’s worried about her being cold and cares for her wellbeing, even if it means forgoing his own comfort.

2. Forehead kisses

To us women, forehead kisses are chaste kisses. Not too much of crossing the lines of overstepping what it means to have a overshot public display of affection, but a small but loud way of showing love. I think…

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