Walking away

I was having lunch with a friend of mine the other day. As we sipped on our iced coffees, rushed through the days of not knowing head or tail of what it means to join the working world- she paused and asked, “What do you think would be the hardest thing life could make us do?”

I stared blankly at her before I laughed. “I have no idea. Seriously. Like as if life doesn’t throw us enough S**t, right? Any ideas on your end though?”

She answers. “I think the hardest thing life has ever made me do was to walk away from someone I cared about.” Half wiping the condensation off her plastic cup, half chewing her straw.

I was puzzled that someone that young had such a jaded picture of herself in her hands, and such thoughts at the back of her mind. A quarter life crisis? Maybe? She goes on. “I had to walk away. And not look back. And it was tough.”

I couldn’t tell her what was in my mind at that moment, due to the exhaustion from the study week and exams. Take it from someone who once struggled to keep silent and float above the deep waters of uncertainty. It was an ugly sight, all so ugly. But thinking about it now, walking away was probably the best decision that I have ever made. Because I’m much happier not looking back.

I am happy with my choices. And to that girl: You are much more loved than you can imagine. You can be much happier than you can imagine.

You just got to give time a chance.


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