I like where we are


Its 11.02am and I’ve been in the library attempting some last minute revision before my 2nd paper this afternoon. As the rain pours through the pitter pattering and scuffling of feet in the then,empty library- I attempt to take a break and craft out a post on my underutilized tab, two singular fingers tapping furiously while attempting to argue mindlessly with auto correct and red lined spelling errors, while I lay alone with my thoughts. They’re mostly happy this time round, for the record. Just my kind of Friday rain.

My study buddy David just took out his spectacles and lay his head on the table to nap, tucked gently in his little cubicle corner with a jacket. If Jared feels kind today, I’ll be getting a thick one delivered to school. I believe I’m not alone when it comes to physical exhaustion and last minute studying. Which is a lesson I intend on fully learning and capitalizing on next semester when I feel lazy and unmotivated.

While being in the midst of exams, there are many things I have on my to do list. Besides work events this weekend, Sarah’s upcoming Hen night, our belated mothers day celebration lunch, wedding rehearsals, my sister’s baby shower, Charles and Sarah’s wedding, my first ever solo trip overseas preparations, I can’t help but feel the tension. This feels worse than my braces, which by the way was tightened yesterday and hurt like a…. But I’ll get to that on a separate occasion. I don’t know how I thought eating wanton noodles was a good idea last night.

2015 is turning out to be a year of good beginnings, learning curves and trials and tribulations. But I think I’ll manage.

Do or no not. There is no try.

What a time to quote Yoda. Lol. Brb.


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