Dreams are an answer in itself

I had this great epiphany the other night, and though it might seem kind of vague to put it out there but the truth is, sometimes when life gives you the hardest knocks- you can get pretty clueless about what to do, or become unsure about how you really feel. Sometimes, when we get too stressed about situations, we re-think them over and over again during the day, struggling to get an answer from ourselves, and feeling frustrated when we’re unsure about how we feel on a whole about the said situation.

I was so frustrated about a whole situation that I brooded over it. It was a answer I indefinitely needed to know but couldn’t figure out on my own. By brooding, i fell in a deep sleep, re-enacting out a scenario that sought out an action of my own. I was trying to figure out myself in the dream, as if it was real. It was then I realized, my subconscious, uncontrolled in my dream, had led me to figure out the way I really felt. And as I woke up, I understood myself completely.

Dreams have an answer of telling you things you can’t figure out. If  only, you try to remember them hard enough when you wake.


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