We had it all in front of us

Youtube randomly played some songs the other day and brought me back to We the Kings. I think the last time I heard this song, I was only 16 or 17 and loved every bit of it.

I was all ready to blog and then Caroline called me and started stressing me out about my leave, the upcoming exams and so on that my brain went on a full-on frenzy mode. It didn’t help my blood pressure, at all. But it was a still short and good catch up, I gave her five minutes to say her piece, and after 2 minutes, we hung up with a “I gotta go now” and me receiving a “I hate you, bye.” Dysfunctional friendships surround me, I wonder why.

So let’s do what we all 20 somethings do- we distract ourselves from the stressful reality of life. That is, distracting ourselves from the “now”.

My labor day weekend was eventful, it went a little something like that.

I had gone out with Marcus for a mini shopping spree before meeting KL for dinner at Bugis. I was a little bummed out about some things that happened recently and really tried to distract myself by actually pulling myself out for some retail shopping. My friends were really cute, Marcus made jokes and followed me all around street shops and supported me to get a tee shirt with bold words labelled “QUEEN BEE” (in retrospect, I don’t know what I’ll use it for, maybe PJ’s or something) and KL and I had a very filling dinner at Platypus chicken- side note: don’t get the steak, it was SO salty I almost died. KL ended the night by saying, “Hey! It’s time you blog about me!” So on KL’s request, here is a picture we took that night together. IMG_20150501_222808[1]

Was still bummed out on the train home. Bummed around when i got home, took a shower and had intended to go blog it out. (taking it to social media as always) in a attempt to hone my feelings and mask them as creativity, I was deep in thoughts when my phone buzzed. I looked at the name on the screen once, a little in disbelief because, well, he never calls. It was close to 1am in the morning. ‘Must have been a butt dial’. I assume. But just in case, I called back.

I got you something…..I’m coming over now.

You’re joking right? (tone of disbelief)”

Why do you always think I’m joking! I’m serious. See you in a bit.

At 1am on a super bummed out night, I received a box of Chee cheong Fan all the way from JB in my PJ’s downstairs my block, shocked beyond words, surprised and a little, less, bummed. And needless to say it was #yumz. IMG_20150502_0128281st May is also a special day for me because it’s actually my brother’s birthday. So on the 2nd, we had a belated surprise birthday party with him and his friends. We took some pictures, played some pool (I won Charles in a game- ahha! First time ever) and drank, a lot. I mean, what is a party without alcohol, right? Tried ginger ale with raspberry belvedere, and amazingly, it tasted good. My belly was warm the entire night. I got home at close to 2 am that night. Not a good choice since exams are just around the corner, but thankfully me and my brother only live a street away from one another.

Happy 26th Birthday Fatso! Last year was a testing period for us and you have been there for me in so many quiet little ways that I see but we both don’t ever acknowledge because we don’t work that way. You are so annoying sometimes, but you will always be my annoying brother. Blessed Birthday, with love always.


After turning in at close to 3 in the morning after my shower, I woke up early at 8ish for……… get this………….trekking. Whose stupid idea was it? Whose? Right. Mine. Ah-ha! Smart, Cally. Real Smooth.

I had talked about wanting to go to the treetop walk since forever at macritchie reservoir but we always postponed the trip there because of whatever reasons. Since we had kept this day free, despite the drizzling rain, we climbed and trekked a total of 6.8km (inclined and steps included ok!) and finished the tree top walk! The view was beautiful though. For a moment, I forgot the perspiration and stickiness as I watched the view. It reminded me of extremely large broccoli for some weird reason.

Oh and monkeys! There were a cute bunch of monkeys snacking on potato chips on the treetop walk bridge. Caroline scolded me on the phone, “What?! Why didn’t you take photos of them eating chips?! since when do you ever see monkeys eat chips?!”

I felt strangely happy to have finished the trek. When we reached the carpark, I was so happy to finally get into my slippers because my shoes and legs had muddy marks all over thanks to the rain. But the feeling of accomplishing the trek was indescribable.

Pictures of the view: Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset     Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

That’s all I got for now. The next two weeks are going to be busy for me both at work and with upcoming exams, so I’ll stop here before I get too lengthy.

I’ll be back!

Lots of love, xx


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