On Vulnerability and Love

Everything happens for a reason.

Recently, a close heart to heart talk has led me to realize how closed I have become as a person, and it scared me greatly. The real question was, when have I started being this cautious, terrified to step over the lines but to instead watch by the sidelines kind of girl? Being open to discussion and wearing my heart on my sleeve loudly has never been my strong suit. Vulnerability is something we all struggle with (unless we’re maybe, Adam Levine), I’m sure.

At work, I’ve noticed that one thing we choose to believe is in the very nature of goodness of the person, though it might not seem that that person can be redeemed on paper (debts, bills, criminal records). Most things are handled by the heart, based on goodwill. The only thing we look for is the willingness to change, and that drive to help those who want to take control of their lives. This has led to much disappointment, I’m sure. I was on the bus back home after school the other day and a acquaintance of mine ranted, “What’s the point of helping them? They’d come back 6 months later for money again! They don’t care about financial literacy! They don’t care about themselves!

But yet, 6 months later. When they arrive at the doorsteps of our office again, despite us being given the power to turn them away, despite the disappointment we feel in them, we don’t turn them away, nor a blind eye. We offer them another few months of all sorts of financial aids- all in the hope that they will learn. And change.

Likewise, I hope when people look at me- they look at me with the willingness to open their hearts to me in goodwill- and I in turn, learn to be more open to the idea of being vulnerable in goodwill, too.

We are all very loved somehow, sometimes greatly, sometimes meekly, sometimes loudly, sometimes silently.

We just have to want to see it enough.

  IMG_20150501_194552 IMG_20150430_233419 (1) IMG_20150429_125155 IMG_20150428_070024IMG-20150501-WA0008

If you get lost, you can always be found.



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