Choosing happiness

On the road, I stood by two forking paths. For the longest time, i stared at the granite remains of the road, observing the scab that formed on my knees and hands. I had tripped and fallen before, and it wasn’t a pretty sight or a pretty memory. I was half contemplating, counting my potential losses and gains with probabilities for what if’s.

It was then that I noticed him. He stood at the crossroads watching me with patience, with no attempt at pressurizing me to choose a whole entire reality. He knew what that meant to me, the crushing weight of it all at once could make me lose me, again. that’s when I realized what he saw that I didn’t for so long. That no situation was beyond hope or saving, if only we chose to trust, and to choose happiness, over and over again.

That’s when I knew, I had to choose you. 


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