“Keep people in your life who inspire you to want to be a better person.”

This week was a week of hectic, erratic change of plans and schedules. I had intended to go to school this morning to get some work done before my nieces combined birthday party in the west later tonight but obviously that didn’t pan out too well for me because miss procrastination decided on staying at home to do it instead, only to end up sleeping in till the late morning and getting woken up by my amazing construction works right outside my window-with no thanks to the splitting headache that came with it.

So instead, here I am blogging about my week because I feel as if I owe a little update. And also, anything beats doing a 3,000 word essay on the history of social services. Here goes!

Urban Spa

About two months ago, me and twin stumbled upon this amazing deal on http://www.deal.com.sg/ for a 60 minute massage for two sessions at only $49! We were pretty excited to check it out, especially since it was at urban spa and it looked pretty legit. After work sometimes, all you really want is some time to just relax and get some good vibes. So off we went to Urban Spa, which is conveniently located near City Hall MRT. Tadah!

For both times, I did the Swedish massage, whereas twin did the Swedish and aroma therapy on each session. The sessions for me were really good and the ladies who did the massage were extremely professional. Twin personally preferred the Swedish because the aroma therapy was a little too soft for her liking. At the end of the massage, there are hot and cold drinks and dessert and a little seating area for you to spend some time to relax after the massage.

What I liked most about urban spa was……. there was no hard selling. At all! At the end of the session, the receptionist smiled and commented it was our last session, but left it there as we said goodbye.  It’s definitely a good deal in my opinion and when i went back to check, the deal was actually reopened again. You can check it out by clicking here! The deal closes in the next 3 days! 20150224_200714[1]IMG_20150330_214359[1]

April’s Fools 2015 


It was definitely fun while it lasted. Some people call it genius, other people call it mean. I like to think of it as a day of being on my guard. But however, I was a victim to some other attempted pranks in the office. Including being told that my zip was down (i didn’t look, hah! Take that Brian!) and that someone had fainted outside my office (which wasn’t very funny to joke about). Maybe I’ll have better inspirations to start next year’s April Fool’s on a more interesting level.

Dinner with Shanna 


The first friend I made in polytechnic in Science when we were both young, ignorant and blur. I was 17 and walked into a fire hydrant while reading some notes. I think a little klutz of me still lives in me till today. Maybe not as bad, but my colleagues still call me a ‘lun zhun’ (cantonese for klutz, I’ve been told)  from time to time when I fumble. But again, I digress. It was a good catch up over dinner with Shanna. We haven’t been making the time since the last catch up was a good 4 to 5 months ago but I’m still very hopeful that the people who want to stay in your life will make the effort to stay in them- and I’m glad my friends still make time and effort to do so.  I had my favorite sushi tei dragon roll with mango on the top. Yums.

Fatboys @ Katong 


First up, fat boys at katong lived up to their name. Their portions were huge!!! The service was good and efficient too.  I over ordered (again). This could be a serious problem that I need to change. hahaha. But anyway, I actually wanted to build my own burger BUT at the last minute chose the Wimpy burger (which is the single version of the fat basterd burger) consisting of a beef patty, bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg and BBQ sauce and it was soooooooo good. Served up hot! Although it was a little too noisy at first and we had to raise our voices to talk but we still had a good time there. Root beer was a safer alternative because their beer cups were huge ( i doubt we could finish it anyway) and ordered their beer battered onion rings too.

I’ll be back!

In the meantime, you can check out their website here!

Good Friday 2015

20150403_16050120150403_164500Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Tanjong Pagar Railway station

I had never intended to go to Tanjong Pagar Railway station nor have I ever been there in my entire life #truesingaporean (i kid). Ever since the closure of the railway station, a news article popped up on straits time reminding the public that the railway will be open to the public on public holidays. That being said, since good Friday was a public holiday, a date was made to go visit the railway.

I was so convinced that it would rain (since it rained every good friday) that it would this year, and I was so convinced I wore JEANS……. to visit the railway……….at 2pm in the afternoon. This is when my mother churps about my consistent flaw of being stubborn all the time, because barely 5 minutes into walking in, I was perspiring buckets….. so girls. Wear shorts. Get a hat. Tie up your hair.  Get an electronic fan. Wet tissues. Get comfortable. Don’t be stubbornly dumb like me. Hahaha. No seriously.

But I have to say we took some nice pictures and it was interesting and out of the ordinary things you see so commonly in Singapore. Kids were playing by the railway tracks, and people were taking photos everywhere. It was a nice old heritage of Singapore to explore.

Summing up the evening with the skyline on good friday at Vivo City’s skypark. It was pretty breathtaking.


Sony Alpha 5000

My new baby just arrived at my door step (Fedex, I love you) after barely 4 days of making my order from Korea on Gmarket. I have been sourcing for a good camera for my upcoming solo trip and finally decided on this model. For those who are interested in the specs etc you can check it out here. After doing my research from shops like courts, gain city, challenger and so on, I’ve come to realize that this camera costs as much as a whopping $799. Just for the camera. The cheapest I was quoted was a $710 that came with a vacuum cleaner (which I didn’t need). 

I was scrolling down gmarket, I shop there pretty frequently and I buy a lot of stuff from there. Since working hasn’t given me much energy to actually want to go shopping after work and school doesn’t’ give me much time to go out and buy things.  And this listing came out which let me buy the camera (just the camera) for……


That’s a discount of $799-$460=$333.

Sorry to go all ‘auntie’ mode but I couldn’t believe my eyes. I whatsapped twin at work going…….. oh my god……… should I buy it????? Twin being the perpetual supportive barrier in my life went, “just buy la” but I waited 2 more weeks to think about it. Want versus needs. Did I really need nice pictures on my trip? What if my camera got stolen on the trip? Thoughts. Thoughts. But anyway, I orderd it on the 1st and it just came today! The only downside is that the language is in korean so I have to figure out how to change it, but nothing google can’t do.

 I regret nothing! 20.1 Megapix camera…… here I come!

For those who are interested in buying it, you can find the link here!!

Alright this post took me almost an hour to craft out. My essay is still stagnant and at 0 words 0 progress. I’ll be back soon enough! In the meantime, have a good holy week everyone!

Lots of love always,

xx Cal


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