Palm sunday

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We celebrated Palm Sunday today at church, and as we waved our palms during the blessing of Palms, I was extremely distracted by singing the opening hymn with the rest of the congregation that when the water came and splashed on my face………. i literally jumped up because I got a shock of my life…………Medium sized spasms that left me pretty embarrassed at the pew.

It made me re-examine myself and I realized how socially awkward and uncomfortable I can get without realizing. it’s as if I’m generally hypersensitive to the ways of society. Not that i actually actively follow all the social rules, (I still appear from time to time in public shopping malls decked in slippers, I’m sure). Today, I signed myself up for two years of classes at the gym. I’m pretty psyched at how my fitness journey’s going to turn out. I definitely am going to try to attend class at least once a week. I attended my favorite power pump classes today and 35 minutes into class my arms were shaking (i kid you not). But it was a good feeling to be back on track.One funeral for my fats, please!

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I am perplexed sometimes but how varying our moods can change. I’ve come to realize emotions that require little or no upkeep that are certain are worth keeping around. I like people who are decisive. I like people who are brave. Most importantly, I love watching the sincerity in people.

Change is good. I like this change.

Welcoming the new week with open arms!

Xx Cally


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