Woke up this morning to realize that our first Prime Minster, Mr Lee Kwan Yew has passed on, aged 91 at 3.18 this morning at Singapore General Hospital.

Despite the adverse positive or negative political views we each might have on the government, he was still the founding father of Singapore and redefined what it meant to be a cosmopolitan first world country, despite our geographical size.  While taking the train to work today, the morning hustle was much more silent as everyone seemed deep in thoughts. The local radio stations played instrumental music as a way of tribute to our fallen father, as the social media faucets burst with tributes, hash-tags and dedications. I’m pretty sure everyone has something on their mind, as us Singaporeans come together to mourn for our loss.

On Saturday, his health and condition crossed my mind for some reason. I had hoped for him to last through to celebrate SG50 with us, to see what Singapore has achieved through his foresight and direction. This year marks an Important milestone of Singapore’s growth and achievements, as we remember our core roots as what it means to be a true Singaporean.

I have never been one to notice or take note of much of the politics going on in Singapore. Young and indifferent, or as we like to put it, “Bo chap”, I would say. It wasn’t until a article surfed up somehow today on my newsfeed by Dr Lee Wei Ling, Daughter of Lee Kuan Yew. It was entitled, “Love does indeed spring eternal”. It wrote of one of a side that Mr Lee Kuan Yew was not only a strong politician and leader, but he was also a man of heart and promise to his wife, and this little extract of their conversation after his wife’s stroke, really brought tears to my eyes. So while I thank and remember what he has done for Singapore, I hope we remember that he was someone’s father, Uncle and a faithful husband, in sickness and in health.

He told her: ‘We have been together for most of our lives. You cannot leave me alone now. I will make your life worth living in spite of your physical handicap.’

She replied: ‘That is a big promise.’

Papa said: ‘Have I ever let you down?’

You have been an inspiration to us all. Rest in Peace Mr Lee Kuan Yew.



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