The Fear Of Love And How It May All Fall Apart Again

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Flickr / Chiara CremaschiFlickr / Chiara Cremaschi

A lot of things go through my mind as I look at the remains of what I have left of me. A room of reinforced ceilings, holes from paintings of past snapshots covered with putty on the walls that have been painted over with a tinge of neutral brown.

Boxes in the corner of the room labeled, ‘to forget’ with a world map on the wall stuck with red pins of to go’s. Though the pieces are still there and put back together on my own, the fear of it falling apart again and all at once overwhelms me, striking fear into my heart. It’s terrifying. Electrically terrifying.

There are lots of words that come to my mind when I think of you. I fear our beginnings, what the future holds for us with or without each other, even if time and modernity has led us to cross paths…

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