Everything happens for a reason

I’d like to imagine what it’d be like to be alive fifty years ago.

The other day in sociology class, my teacher spoke of society’s consistency of change. As the years go by, people of that time reconstruct social norms. For example, heels were made for butchers to wear in the beginning but has since evolved to being one of a woman’s wear. Chubbier women were considered ideal women material, for it was said they were good at bearing children. Samurais in Japan were mostly gay and engaged in same sex activities, and that was seen as manly. As she spoke, it further emphasized my ideas that everything I’ve learnt has been constructed to me, and we all try our very best to fit in the said ‘box’ of that ‘century’.

I have to say, sociology is still one of my favorite subjects. It is the very bane of the development and growth of the way we define and make human interactions through the years. If this century had allowed it, I would have taken a keen interest in it. But for now, It’s not a mountain I want to conquer, just one that I wish to view the world from.

I still believe deep down in my heart that everything happens for a reason.

I’m happy with my choices. I hope you are happy with yours too.

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