This is the part when I break free

Just a quick post before I head to bed.

My appointment to see the orthopedist was absolutely terrifying. I had to do some stretch tests and they sent me for an Xray. The good news, nothing is wrong with my spine’s outlook. There was however, some bad news. From that appointment on, I’ve been condemned to just swimming, and physio sessions (Which I’m highly doubtful of). I tried to attempt to plead my case for my upcoming marathon run but it failed to no end. I am pretty disappointed at what the road of recovery holds for me but, Well, at least she acknowledged my passion for running.

On Monday, I finally met twin for dinner. It was also to celebrate her first job as a working adult! Sat by the riverside at Timbre with our usual pizza (no pineapples), Singapore slings and good music.

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Twin brought me to Laneige after dinner to grab some supplies for herself and in barely ten minutes I parted with a purchase worth $150. I’ve never bought anything more expensive than retail $10 facial soap so this time, I just hope the cost deters me from straying away from this new facial regiment. Side note, Laneige’s facial soap smells amazing.

Oh which also reminds me, I am a GAP member now and I get 10% off retail price and a 20% discount in June (my birthday month!) for Laneige! So for whoever wants to go and try Laneige skincare products, hit me up!

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School has also started for me and I’ve attended three night classes so far from the new semester. I’ve been exhausted from work, weirdly. Because the Social Work sector is personal, I have learnt not to be too upfront and open here about what I see or experience, but I strangely reaped some satisfaction from my efforts yesterday, which spurred me on and made my day greatly.

I have this senior who is living alone, Mr X. I’ve taken note of him to be a kind man, ever since I started internship with this particular organization since 2013. However, he took a break from the program because he felt left out because he was the only male. I really liked him, he was nice and sweet. A man of few words but gentle and well mannered. He went into hospital a few months ago from a bad fall and even when I visited him in hospital he didn’t seem too interested, but I felt pretty sad to see him in that state. Eventually he was discharged back home,but each time I called him or to engage him, he refused. Sometimes after barely a few words he would hang up my call. And I was pretty disappointed and sad.

Yesterday, I went down to invite him to an event and it was my first time going to his house for a home visit. He had already agreed previously on the phone just to attend the one off event, and I had not expected much but just to engage him that one time. However, with a lot of conversations, jokes and laughter, I decided to test the ice and ask….

“Uncle X, Why don’t you come back for exercise?”


“Er. *Taken aback*. March”


“So OK ah?”


I don’t know how to describe the emotions that came. but I was overjoyed, and happy. Though he isn’t a case to begin with, I was extremely touched that I was able to make that difference. Now, I can’t wait to see him back at our center interacting with other seniors. It was a reminder to remember that social work didn’t happen overnight and that progress always takes time. One step at a time. Slow and steady.

With that, I hope when I look back I can remember the little stories that take me where I needed to be. Building relationships are always important.

Even if it means night classes after a long day at work, and then travelling back home late, waking up early for work the next day and repeating that cycle two to three times a week.

Some people are worth fighting for.

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Braces #4 Update:

Coupled with my bed face (rolling into bed right after this portion lolkthnxbye)
Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetI chose dark blue this month and I think I preferred turquoise more. Colors so far, turquoise>baby pink>dark blue. Dr Chen changed my wires to a shorter one and tightened again yesterday. The first few hours were irritating, coupled with a ‘itchy’ kind of pain. Even biting was irritating on one side, and I had noodle soup for dinner.

Cost: $90 for cleaning and tightening. That’s pretty much the average price.As requested, I will put up the before and after photos of my teeth once my braces are officially removed end this year. This marks the end of my 3rd month wearing braces. Dr Chen promised me that it will take no longer than a year, so that means…….9 more months to go!

I can’t wait to see the end results.

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Meanwhile…….bed calls. *yawn*

I completely forgot that I had a meeting to attend this Saturday. Dreading the fact that I have to wake up on a Saturday morning but I’m still trying to re-alter my expectations of my lazy self who wants to give in to sloth all the time and replace it with the hopefulness of learning something new and honing my observation skills. I hope.

In the meantime, happy TGIT everyone. One more day to the weekend!

XX Cal



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