Some things getting better with time

I met Elly, one of my childhood besties the other day for dinner, and because at least two of my guy friends have asked me to ‘introduce’ her, I shall formally do so here, but disclaimer: sorry guys, she’s taken!

Growing up, we were made to attend a chinese group tuition class together. This tutor was particularly famous for her unconventional teaching methods among the parents. And get this, my teacher canned us each time we failed our spelling. Me and Eltjse (El-Sher) were actually from CHIJ, IJ Girls,and we wore our uniforms before going to school because our classes will end just before the school bus arrives. Our uniform was a true blue color of pinafores. One day, we realized we couldnt copy from one another because we both didn’t study, so we decided to cheat and avoid the canning by hiding our handbooks in between our legs. We got caught (or if my memory doesnt fail me, el got caught first and i after, and duh we were punished) and canned eventually, but till this day- i find this story by far the most hilarious. We also snuck in bubble tea into our math remedial and spilled it all over her books (we were 9 then) and we had a parent’s note written because of that.

I don’t think we were mischevious kids though. I think we did what we had to do to survive in her class #thethuglife #asians.

I have the funniest moments of her, and trust me. Growing up, we have had our fair share of immature fights. We grew up pretty close together, since she lived just up my street. We even had sleepovers as we sat on her balcony roof the year before she left to move to Malaysia. We were only 12 then. Since then, we have grown (10 years) apart, but each time she’s back in Singapore, we make it a point to catch up. Couldn’t be more glad that we did this! Processed with VSCOcam

Also, UNISIM’s official twitter account ended sharing my post on my UNISIM experience today! Was shocked beyond belief but if you intend to join UNISIM or are curious about the programmes they offer, please follow their official updates here: @unisim_FT_prog ! I’m just a mere student so I can’t answer all your questions …….


I have also edited the post to add in the UCORE and blackboard apps- as requested! You can read it here. Cheers!



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