#Projectcarolie ‘s 21st Birthday surprise

We deliberated for awhile before we decided to call this #projectcarolie , which was inspired by #projectkippy . KL & I met for dinner the other day, and over the course of dinner we discussed the possibilities of celebrating Caroline’s 21st. She wasn’t planning on having a party (like what we normal 21 year old’s do) and she was heading on an overseas trip with her family on her birthday week so it was almost impossible to plan something!

Eventually, we came out with the idea of a staycation somewhere for a night, and that it would be pretty low key with just the three of us, since the hotel we booked had a strict policy of two people only. We chose Studio M , which Caroline had once said that she wanted to try out, and also because it fell within our budget, we called her sisters and they helped to pack her clothes and ask Caroline’s mom for permission to sleep over (her parents are pretty strict on this). 20150109_154749[1]

I went earlier with KL to help set up the balloons and little decorations. We were so worried Caroline was going to find out because she’s quite smart and can kind of sense it when we’re panicking. Especially KL because her face gives it away a lot quicker than mine!

So she thought we were meeting for dinner, and we went to the train station to pick her up. We also bought her a ‘Birthday Princess’ Sash for her birthday and made her wear it to walk to the hotel. We had her convinced that we had reservations, was late and that she needed to walk quickly (when in fact, we had actually ordered pizza and the pizza man was already downstairs at the lobby waiting for us!).


Just when we were about a street away from the hotel, I told her to promise to close her eyes and to not open them, because there was a surprise waiting in the cafe that we were bringing her to. She should, at all costs, not open her eyes. So she was a good girl and listened to me. I made her put the balloon to her face to safeguard that her eyes were actually closed (Sneaky Caroline). I didn’t watch her carefully and she kind of hit some walls and doors by accident but she didn’t suspect a thing until she reached our room … and boy was she surprised!

We made her change to a black dress which we bought for her for her birthday as a gift and thankfully it suited and fit her well!

Happy 21st Birthday Caroline!
20150109_190618[1]20150109_190347[1]Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

If you asked 19 year old me on the first day of school if I considered ever having friends 2 years younger than me on a long term basis, I would have paused before I gave my answer. Strangely, the older we get, the age gap seems to be more or less bridged, and it’s strange. I’ve lost my way along the tough times in my life and they have tried to show me the way. Over the years, I’d like to think we look to each other for advice and life choices. They’re really like a set of younger sisters that I never had but always wanted.

We spent the day and night doing what normal girls do on a staycation, we ate pizza and drank wine in our PJ’s, went for a late night swim, got hungry and ordered in some more food for delivery, laughed, kicked and pinched each other on the bed, fell asleep, had hotel breakfast, sat and lazed by the pool again and packed up to go.

IMG-20150109-WA0063[1] IMG-20150109-WA0060[1]


Although, studio M was a little bit disappointing because we got a room that was extremely low maintained. There were stains and chipped furniture and planks that weren’t nailed properly so the plank almost dropped on my toe! I have since then submitted a TripAdvisor review in the hope that they might consider working that bit of their hotel out. If you’re interested, you can check my profile out here for my review of Studio M (which should be out by tomorrow).

It was good while it lasted. It was definitely a good start to 2015 🙂 

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