The lost and found

i believe you’d never leave me here

They once said “marriage is tough work”, and that you’d have to work, and work and work on a marriage. Some things kind of bring it into perspective, but another makes me question- when? How? and most importantly, why?

Why do they stop trying? Is the answer of a faulty marriage plainly because of our too idealistic views of love and marriage? Why did they become lazy? Are we unrealistic in our needs and wants? Or did we become blinded that marriage is just a rite of passage, a destination, a life achievement- instead of a journey?

Sometimes I think I have all the answers to answer life’s most important questions, or at least enough to help others climb out of that ditch they’re in. Then my 36 year old sister reminds me,

” You 22 year old’s always think you have it all sorted out. I thought I did when I was 22, too. Look at me now, I’m 36 and I still haven’t figured out my shit yet.”


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